JUNE 28, 1969: Police raid the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York City. It was a different time in history; laws prohibiting public sexuality were in effect, and these raids were common. A group of gay customers took a stand against harassment and injustice, causing a riot that attracted by queer people from all over New York City. Soon, reinforcement came to disperse the crowd who shouted “gay power” in the streets.

But the battle was not over. They came back, with an even bigger crowd, and rioted by Stonewall. This act caused a ripple effect which spread throughout New York City for days.

Today, we remember this event by celebrating the month of June as “LGBT Pride Month”. Throughout the month of June, LGBT+ people and allies honor the actions of the brave people who have fought for social justice and equality, decades after the Stonewall Riots. We also celebrate love, self-discovery, unity, and of course, pride.

Cogswell College’s vibrant community is home to many members of the LGBT+ community. Last spring, we published an article about Cogswell’s GSA, which has seemingly faded into the past. Over the past few years, GSA has gone through a rollercoaster of events that forced it to lie dormant.

This year, we are bringing it back.

In the three years I’ve spent at Cogswell, I have met dozens of strong LGBT+ members and allies on campus. They are your classmates, club-mates, roommates, and even professors. I am inspired by the passion each of these people has shown about launching a stronger GSA at Cogswell. I believe that with a strong spark, we can ignite a bolder and braver GSA.

Each of us has a story to tell and a lesson to share. This month, we are collecting #PrideStories from the Cogswell LGBT+ community. Whether you’re a member or an ally, you can send a story for us to publish as part of the #PrideStories Collection this month. They can be anything from your coming out experience or a story about pride, strength, unity, inspiration, or diversity.

You can send your story below and choose to be anonymous.

Happy LGBT+ Pride Month!

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